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Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is a simple password-protected identity-checking service that takes the risk out of online retail, for us and for our customers.

we get protection from fraudulent transactions and the costs associated with it, and our customers get the reassurance they need to spend with confidence.

Eliminate chargebacks
Verified by Visa helps protect you from fraudulent claims from cardholders - that they didn't take part in, or authorise, a payment. Once you are up and running with Verified by Visa, you are no longer liable for chargebacks of this nature.

Boost customer confidence
Visa Europe's research in Germany, Spain and the UK shows that 84 percent of people who do not shop online would be more likely to with Verified by Visa. Of established Internet shoppers, 71 percent say they would do so more frequently. Achieve bigger sales

Research by the analysts Gartner Group states that the average e-commerce transaction is worth less than â,¬73. Figures from Visa Europe show that the average Verified by Visa transaction is worth more than â,¬138.

Implement with ease
Using Verified by Visa is a matter of adding a quick extra step to your online checkout procedure. For customers, enrolling takes moments and each purchase is accompanied by a personalised secret message from their card issuing bank. Our animated demonstrations show how simple it is for customers to use Verified by Visa:

Protect your Visa card online with a personal password

Visa provides reassurance that only you can use your Visa card online. Learn more about the benefits of Verified by Visa.*

Look for this new Verified by Visa symbol.
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