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Pearl Necklace, Seasons & Shapes of Face

pearl necklacesA pearl necklace is always an indispensable piece in a lady's jewelry box. It may be given from mother, loved ones or other relatives, but really adds some charm for a lady at any occasions. But not every lady goes well with a 18 inch or longer white single akoya pearl necklace at summer, although that style are being considered to be classic.

For ladies who are familiar with trends and seasonal fashion, a shorter pearl necklace would be better at summer or autumn, as short pearl necklace can match well with clothes with bigger opening collar clothes. And with the necklace around your necklace, you can feel the cool sense at hot summer (it is a sign if a pearl jewelry piece real or fake); longer necklaces are more popular at winter or spring to go with sweater, high-necked clothes or long coat.

When choosing pearl necklaces, pay more attention to your shapes of faces. For a short -face lady, a thin and long necklace(with pendants also ok) will work better to make a harmony effect; while a lady with long face is more suitable with short & big ones, even double string or triple strands, to create shorter face on visual effects.

Round face types are suitable with long necklace in drop shapes, avoid short, round pearls which could make your more "round". while triangle ones go well with different types of pearl necklaces, long, big, short, round... all are ok due to that perfect shapes; on the contrary, Inverted triangle types characterized by a wide forehead and narrow jaw-line and chin, goes best with long pearl necklaces.

When buying pearl jewelry, taking the factors like occasions, age, clothes, skin into consideration and then you can get the best pieces which add beauty to you!

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