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Pearl Cosmetics & Medicines

Like the "four Cs" of diamond quality, shopping for pearl necklaces involves paying attention to a few important elements. It is not easy to differentiate between natural pearls and high end cultured pearl with a naked eye. Pearls are believed to be composed of 84% calcium carbonate and 14% organic binder and about 2% water. The usual color of a pearl is white or cream but is also available in pink, grey and black.

In China, people have known for a long time that pearl are not only precious gemstones, but also good medicines and nice cosmetics.

Firstly, the fact can be learned from chemical components of pearls. About 91-96% of pearl components are minerals including CaC3, CO2, PbO, Al2O3, Fe2O3. Among the mineral components, Caco3 takes up over 90% in quantity. Moreover, there are quite number of trace/micro elements such as natrium, manganese, strontium, cuprum, zinc, barium, chromium, nickel, cobalt, Selenium, iodine. And 2.5-7% of pearl components are organic compound, exactly chitinous protein containing aminophenol like asparagines, lysine, glutamic acid. Besides, the components contain 0.25 - 2% of water.

Most of pearl components like trace elements and aminophenol are necessity for human body.

Medical Functions

Pearl nacre powder is good ingredient for medicines that can be taken orally or used outward. For example, it is helpful to relieve a cough, to soothe or calm down nerves, to sterilize, to resolve swelling, to heal wounds up faster, cool down mania, to clear or refresh eyes/drops, to reactivate human organism.


The ingredients of pearl nacre powder can be used to slow human aging down through holding back brown lipochrome, activating body cells, pushing metabolism up. Furthermore, pearl powder is easily absorbable to human skin. It is able to be made into cosmetics and be used with other cosmetics to keep skin nice.

So it can be seen that pearls are really good for health and beauty while they are being widely used in daily life. In man's eyes, pearls are right here making the female more attractive. And pearls are useful, while you are thinking of health. If you're a girl or a lady, pearls would give you a full care. Would you like to enjoy the power of pearls in life?

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