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Earring and Shapes of Face

pearl earring & shapes of faceEarring is the most indispensable piece in the jewelry box of a lady. It is the most charming part along your face, sometimes can better suite a lady's face, make it more attractive and beautiful. To reach the above aim, select the most appropriate earrings that go well with your face is the most important thing. (See Pearl Earrings on Pearl Hours)

Before that, we need to know the common shape of face.

Oval faces - considered as the ideal face shape, are characterized by being slightly wider at the cheekbones than the forehead or jaw-line.

Square face - The square face has a wide forehead and strong, wide jaw-line. It can appear more rectangular if the face is narrow and more traditionally square if the face is wide. It considered giving a "hard" feeling.

Triangle face - The triangle shaped face has a narrower forehead and a prominent or wide jaw-line.

Inverted Triangle face - This shape is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow jaw-line and chin.

Round face - This shape is what it says, a face without sharp angles and tending to be wider at the cheeks and having softer "corners" along the jaw-line and forehead. The goal with a round face is to add height, making the face appear longer.

pearl earring & shapes of faceKnown the face shapes, here are the earring tips for varied shaped faces.

Earrings for round face: try to select long earrings that make your face more slim, drop or oval earrings would be ok, but not choose square or huge round earrings, which would make your face more round.

Earrings for square face, best go well with long drop earrings, round ones or petal earrings, which add charming curves along the face, make you more famine looks!

Earrings for long face, try some round earrings, sector-style or square earrings. Not choose long cylindrical or long oval ones.

Earrings for oval face: goes well with drop, Gourd-shaped or round shaped earrings. Avoid heart-shaped, diamond shaped or exclamation point-shaped earrings (threader earrings)

Earrings for triangle face:goes well with round shaped earrings, exclamation point-shaped and Crescent-shaped ones. Not to choose earrings with clear angles, like triangle, square, diamond ones.

Earrings for Inverted Triangle face: try some drop or round shaped earrings, not to choose diamond shaped, and heart shaped earrings which would make your jaw narrower.

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