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China Pearl

From all kinds of myth or legend from home or aboard, the pearl has always been regarded as gift of god, as Both primitive tribes and advanced civilizations can not understand why such a perfect treasures being included in ordinary oysters.

In China, the first historical book contain pearl info was the Shui ging, mentions ''strings of not completely round pearls" in the third millennium BC. Then, pearls was taking the symbol of wealth, power, prestige since jewelry began to shiny in Chinese civilization. It would be accidentally while our ancestors found shining object when searching for food and this round.

The Chinese are considered today as the inventors of the cultured pearl. Regular production started as early as the 12th century. In China's history, the most famous two types of pearls were from the south and north of China. The Northern provinces offered beautiful pearls to imperial court until Qing Dynasty, but now pearls could not be found at this region any more due to over-harvesting; another famous pearl region is at south China, the most typical place of production was Hepu, Guangxi. Still provide plenty of pearls today. The pearl jewelry left the Palace Museum were most from Hepu, Guangxi.

Now, pearl cultivation is more common in China, except Hepu, Hainan, there are many new regions emerge; Zhuji of Zhejiang is among this. And it is said that Chinese pearl production accounts for the world pearl market as much as to 85%, while priced lower than foreign pearl sellers. It is the reason that so many people buy pearls from China pearl dealer. See our clearance sales

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