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customized pearl earring

 Below are some pearl earrings tailor-made based on the demands of our customers; some are totally new, while others are a little bit different from the original styles, change of the pearl colors, gemstones or precious metals also called custom. We are continuously enriching the list here, just enjoy all the unique earring styles here.

Or you can see our ready-made pearl earrings in fashionable styles here.

Are you interested in one of the following earring styles? just contact and we are here to be a help for you. 

1. white south sea pearl earring in pink gold heart earring setting

Pink gold, also called rose gold, with the unique color and appearence than common white gold or yellow gold items. This item was customized by Harry in London, as a anniversary gift for his lady. The white pearls are of the top-quality south sea pearls, sized at 11mm.

white south sea pearl earringsouth sea earring, white south sea pearl earringwhite south sea pearl earring










2. Golden South Sea Pearl Hook Earring

The original hook earring are not studded with any gemstones, but we did it under the requirement of Miss Black. In fact, we added over 20 pieces of little diamond to the earring; and before that, a newly-made hook, which is bigger and thicker to hold the diamond, was made at the gold factory.

golden south sea pearl diamond earringsouth sea eaarring, golden pearl earringgolden south sea pearl diamond earring









3. White South Sea Pearl Diamond Earring

This pearl earring set involved little custom-made work, since Mrs. Lin only wanted to replace all the cz stones with real diamond. The total carat of the stone would be around 0.20, which are all shiny and sparkling.

white south sea pearl diamond earringsouth sea earring, white pearl earringcustomized white pearl earring









4. White South Sea Pearl Hook Earring

See the unique Chinese characters and the maple leaves-like earring setting. It was custom by a Canadian customers so you can understand his insist on the maple leaves setting. About the Chinese charater, “福”, which means happiness and good fortune.

white south sea pearl diamond earringcustom south sea pearl earringwhite south sea pearl earring







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